Mental Health & Wellness

The fact that the pandemic has brought about a series of issues is indeed appaling. At a time where I felt that I would probably not experience something of thisnin nature

However, I was so wrong. Mental health and how you tackle it can come in different forms. It can be in the form of family issues or work related. It can appear in multiples or a singular variation.

For myself, it only came to light that I had a mental breakdown only when I faced with multiple angles of reprimand, sacarsm and belittling sense of blame. I also attribute it to multiple modes and causes. It could have been comparison and the realisation that one is beneath everyone else. In that sense, there will be cracks in whatever one approaches and struggle to find peace.

For me, what seemed like reflections and resetting mindset eventually brought about plently of negativity. The feeling of failure to do anything became apparent. The loss of confidence to have a level of faith slowly fades away. This is quinessential when dealing with personal life as well as professional life. How do one deal with things when your own confidence take a hit.

Perhaps some will say that one’s mind is not strong enough. Or it will not happen to me. Trust me, I’ve been there and the moment it hits you, it is like an exponential smack on your head. You have no response time and might eventually sink deeper into a sinkhole

Do you ever fear about every single message you receive from someone? Do you get a panic attack from every single meeting? Do you feel like you are the only person who was unable to deliver?

There are actions to be taken for your own sanity. Mental health is not a joke. Just remember that by the time you realised it, it is going take an even longer time to heal. Thes best part however is, it will end once you take actions to stop the bleed.

I pray for all of you who experienced it one way or another. You are not alone. Reach out and protect yourself. Rid the naysayers. We are all built different and function the best in different mode