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The journey with money can be short, medium or long term but it should never disrupt your way of life – Mentally and Physically. Money is a tool that can help us all to achieve our goals but it is never the end goal. There are many steps to achieve different goals but the thought process are usually the same. Everyone situation is different so let’s be tolerant and share in this journey with life and money. There are stuffs that one can find value in when you explore and find out more.

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Money is Indeed Everything

Advertisements Indeed in our world today, in this small island of affluent rich Singaporeans. Money is everything. It puts not just food in your mouth but also entertainment all day, all night long. What would you do without money? Cryptocurrency has taken a big fall along with traditional investments and the biggest news in town …

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Ezlink with new Mastercard wallet payment options (Quick & Easy S$10)

Advertisements In my previous post about Ez-link Trival here Ez-link deal , they have upped one more level by allowing Mastercard in their Ez-link payment option. The Deal You can now earn an easy S$10 just by logging into their app, there will be an option to use Mastercard to pay for items via Google …

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