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Referrals: If you feel that my referrals are valid and resonates with you. Please do use my links and referral code. Cheers!

Futu/Moomoo Holdings (Brokerage)

To sign up using my referral link: Moomoo Referral to sign up now and enjoy the new sign up promotions.

Razer Pay (Digital Wallet)

To get the Razer Pay app, apply through here: Razer Pay and you may use my referral code 9iog2G. Both of us will receive a $1 credit to our wallets after you are verified.

BigPay (Digital Wallet)

Use my BigPay referral code and both you and I will get $5 sign up bonus. Sign up with the referral code CQDU0PRU7X or tap on this link BigPay Referral now

Shopback (Cashback App)

Save more by using ShopBack to earn Cashback. Download the app and sign up with my referral link to get $5. Use my referral: Shopback sign up

Stash Away (Invest – Robo-Advisor)

Use my Stash Away referral code and both of us are entitled to a 6-month management fee waiver, for up to $10,000 SGD of assets invested. Visit Stash Away Referral here to sign up now.

Ohm Energy (Electricity)

Use my Ohm referral code and both you and I will get S$20 each. Sign up with the referral code OHMREF3F28B7. Visit Ohm Energy to sign up now.

Singtel Dash (Payment App)

Use my Dash referral code and both you and I will get up to $2 cashback for your first Singtel Dash transaction. Sign up with the referral code DASH-RYJKN or tap on this link SingTel Dash now

Syfe (Invest – Robo-Advisor)

Use my Syfe referral code and both you and I will get up to $100 per referral depending on your investment amount. Referral Code: SRPTSMQ5J. Visit Syfe Robo-Advisor now to find out more.

Endowus (Invest – Robo-Advisor)

Use my Endowus referral link and both you and I will get $20 credit to our account: Endowus Robo-Advisor to sign up now.

SNACK by Income NTUC (Micro-Insurance)

S$500 additional coverage for Personal Accident is given for each friend you invite to SNACK by Income, no matter how many friends. Referral code PAU4055. Visit here SNACKbyIncome to find out more or to sign up. and Exchange (MCO/CRO Visa Card)

a) Visa Card and App: Use this App to sign up for and we both get $50 USD. Referral Code: im3py887ty

b) Exchange: Use this Exchange to sign up for Exchange and we both get rewarded up to USD $2,000 (in CRO) for every referral to the Exchange. Referral Code: im3py887ty

Tiger Brokers (Invest – Brokerage Trading)

Please click here: Tiger Brokers to sign up now.

GIGA (SIM – Telco)

Use my referral code when you sign up for GIGA – “LhS9Ng” at GIGA website to sign up now.

New Google Pay Users (Payment App)

Use my referral code when you sign up and transaction at least S$10 for the first time at Google Pay App or use my referral code t74cf8f

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