Talk is cheap

You know I dont really like to get into a blogpost that starts with something pretty negative but I realised that talk is cheap. I have seen too many if it happening in my lifetime and this trend doesn’t seem to end.

As a fresh out of school graduate, I have my own visions and ideals. I meet people and many shared valuable insights as well as suggestions. But over time, the things that irks me the most is people just talking cheaply.

Perhaps one might think that talking great is the sign to how a person or how the public view you. After you rough it out in the real world, you don’t really value talk that much. When you need to get work done, you get your hands dirty.

So, generally to speak when people say you have to spend less, make more. I get it about the spending less portion. However, making more is an issue. No doubt, therr are many ways to supplement an income. Thr key question is, are you willing to do so or can you do it. Usually these jobs or work or gigs requires you to fufill a certain standard or level. These work requires actual physical or servicd delivery. Does the talk guy work in this scenario? Nope. 100%

Fighting inflation is tough. Keep thinking and striving. Dont listen to talk only guys. Some times, hardwork is what you need to explore new revenues.

Or, sometimes these are opportunistic times to make a few thousand extras a year. But bear in mind these opportunities don’t come easy. No one minds extra income. Just don’t fall into the trap of the talk guy.