StashAway – Performance Dec 2020

Here comes the late performance report in December 2020 for StashAway. I am still on the risk index of below 20%, split all the risk portion for 3 different portfolio let me understand how I want to do this portfolio going forward. I still maintain that having calculated risk per $ makes more sense in my opinion. It doesn’t mean high risk high rewards although it can give you high rewards.

As I have always preached, the important thing is that I am not left on the sidelines. If Mr Market decides to go either way, it would matter that much to me in my opinion. If Mr Market drops, then I will add on more to the portfolios.

Retirement Portfolio A (risk-14%)

The SRS account since deposit is currently at +3.06% as on 18 Jan 2021 (Time-weighted return). I think this is quite okay as I entered the market at a high before it dropped in March 2020. Performance wise, I think it is decent and also this is a super long term portfolio – I would say close to 25 years horizon so I’ll just leave it there to monitor on the progress.

Education Portfolio B (risk-16%)

This portfolio is set out to be on a 15-18 year investment horizon. It is at 7.61% on 18 Jan 2021 and I think that this is pretty good. I have been averaging in whenever there are market dips. The risk index is at 16% and I will adjust from time to time but try not to touch any of those if you don’t quite understand how that works.

Education Portfolio C (risk-20%)

For this portfolio, I look at this at shorter horizon of 12-15 years so I feel that I need to take on some risk to achieve my goals. This SA risk index is currently at 20% and will take on to be one of my riskiest portfolio. Return is at 14.92% at inception but as  I didn’t take a screen shot on 18 Jan, this is on 22 Jan 2021, Not much of it has changed or rather it has dropped slightly but this is just a note to self and measure the monthly performance. Over time, more funds will be added to achieve the targeted invested goals.



So far StashAway has been a great supplement as a robo advisor. I will try to do more regular updates. I’m not sure if I can do that given things have been rather difficult of late and it has been quite busy at work.

2021 should be a test of time for most portfolios. I believe have rebalancing regularly will be the key.

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