A New Chinese New Year


A year has passed and the fight with Covid-19 is still ongoing today. The biggest festive of the year is coming in February 2021 – The Chinese Lunar New Year. How great things are going to be for the upcoming event. With a max of 8 pax per household, things will change for a while now. Zoom meetings are going to happen more instead of the usual activity.

Inside me, there is a little me shouting out in joy. To a certain extent, I dread those meetings with some of my extended families so it is indeed a relief for me and also less hassle for my family. 2021 is going to be a good year, as it is always when there is a new start. I get a lot of comments about giving out ang pows during CNY all the time. Frankly, the bulk of those good luck money goes to my family (Really close ones) That makes up about 80-85% of the budget? roughly. The balance 15% goes to friends and extended family so it isn’t really that bad.

Festive Season Again

The last few years has been great and I felt like I do enjoy the festive celebrating with my real and close and extended family. Now the reason for bringing CNY up is that usually it takes us one month in terms of preparation. The washing, cleaning up and preparing new notes. I think that for this year, many things will change including how I hand out the good luck ang pows. (Red Packets)

There is something which I would like to address though. The idea of red packets has been misconstrued for such a long time. Generally kids would enjoy this period since it funds their “wants” but my views about giving is that you should not be pressured into giving more in your red packets than you actually can afford. I can understand that kind of pressure sometimes but it defeats the purpose of giving.

Like many wedding red packets, there is a standard but is there really a need for a standard. It is good to know but it should still be a level of affordability as well. I mean I do understand that it is good to know what is the market rate but to understand that it is a matter of affordability to some, it might have been overlooked to a certain extent.


The objective of passing a red packet to someone younger is to wish them well. If you wish to, you may also extend that red packet to someone who is elderly. The amount should not matter that much, instead the intention and thought is what matters. Maybe many beg to differ but that isn’t really a correct or wrong way to do this.

The purpose to give a red packet follows a well wish depending on what one would want to wish for:

  • Good Luck
  • Happiness
  • Prosperity
  • Fresh Start
  • Health
  • Education
  • Promotion and Good Career

However if you really want to know the market rate, Seedly has a write-up here: https://blog.seedly.sg/chinese-new-year-cny-ang-pao-red-packet-guide/

As I have always been advocating, don’t always look for the “Best”. A guide is always good but it warps the conception and mindset once you have taken that look. Well, I can’t speak for everyone but I definitely can’t erase what I have seen once I see a sample or a blueprint or a guide.


Whatever I blog about is purely my own opinion. If you like what you are seeing, do remember to check they out and do your diligence. For me, it is always about the whole package. Like minded people can flock together to create good and powerful things.

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