Futu Brokerage updates – MooMoo Singapore Promotions

Futu Holdings Limited (“Futu”) (NASDAQ: FUTU)is an advanced technology company transforming the investing experience by offering a fully digitized brokerage and wealth management platform .

Futu was listed on Nasdaq on March 8, 2019.

Under MooMoo, they are under the Singapore branch, https://www.moomoo.com/ and they are pretty aggressive on par with Tiger Brokers. The mechanics seem to change every month. You can now get like 1 apple share. If you transfer equities into their platform, you get even more perks.

Although after setting up the brokerage, maybe buying Futu stocks in the US stock exchange might be a good idea given their backing. Personally, these brokerages give the competition a run for their money. I find it easy to use and they are not just any fly by night company.

If you wish to sign up for those commission free perks and/or future promotions, do use my referral code here: https://j.moomoo.com/004Fsa

  1. Currently, the promotion would run for 600 days free commissions.
  2. To get additional perks, fund USD 2k or SGD 2700 equivalent. there is a SGD30 credit.
  3. Plus free level 2 market data for US market & level 1 market data for SGD market.
  4. SGD 50 cash coupon when you transfer in stocks.

For successful referrals, you can get up to 1 twitter share (Cap at 20 successful referrals)

For detailed T&Cs, do go to their website to find out more: FUTU T&Cs (June 2021)

Conditions for new sign ups

Do keep abreast of new terms and conditions as they tweak these to avoid gaming of the system.

As of 1st Jun 2021, (0000hrs SGT ) new customers who have successfully opened a Futu SG securities account from 1st Jun 2021 to 30th Jun 2021 (2000hrs SGT) can enjoy 1 Free AAPL share when they fulfil all of the following conditions,

  1. Successfully open a FUTU SG Securities account between 1st Jun 2021, 0000hrs SGT and 30th Jun 2021, 2000hrs SGT (hereinafter referred to as “activity time”);
  2. Deposited funds worth SGD 2,700 or USD 2,000 or HKD 16,000 within 30 days from account opening;
  3. Successfully unlocked the Level 1 Trading Badge or completed 5 successful trades

Conditions for Referrals

I’ll just pick out the most important details for a successful referral.

For each successful referral of a new customer that has used your personal referral link to,

  1. You have to successfully open a new FUTU SG securities account;
  2. You have put in a minimal deposit of SGD 2,700 or USD 2,000 or HKD 16,000 successfully. Within 30 days from successful account opening day;
  3. Once you complete 1 successful trade , you will receive 1 Free Twitter (TWTR) share. Additionally 30 days commission-free trading for US, HK and SG stock markets.

The rewards for the referral programme is cumulative but capped to the first 20 successful referrals only. This means referral rewards of 1 Free Twitter (TWTR) share will be capped at a maximum cumulation of 20 only. Similarly, the additional 30 days of free commission trading for US, HK and SG stock markets will be kept at 600 days. Successful referral rewards are only valid for all referrals that happened from 1st May 2021 till 30th Jun 2021 (2000hrs SGT).

This referral programme is applicable for all users on moomoo (both existing and new users).


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These pictures were taken off Futu/Moomoo website for reference.

Portfolios Test – Baptism of Fire (Robos, Cryptos, Value Investors & more)

Portfolio Drawdowns

In the year 2020, almost anything that you buy in any asset class will make you some money. Going into the year 2021, it is going to be a tough year. As I mentioned many times, portfolios will go through their baptism of fire. Perhaps it is the month of May. As the saying goes, sell in May and go away? It is going to be a trying year. This year, we will most likely see portfolios taking a hit. This is the time to put all those concepts to use.

Equity markets are pricing in the real leverage, over trading and over optimism with inflation risks and other factors to concerning investors. What are the other reasons? Frankly no one will know. Risky assets are always risky and they reward you with the rewards if you are spot on.

It is always hindsight

No one has any crystal ball so stop looking for gurus. As emotional as many people out there, I see green with envy for others who make the one hit wonder and 1000x their portfolio. The truth is, I doubt that I will even go into that kind of trade. However, it doesn’t stop me from trying stuff out. You never know which one might hit the jackpot.

Cryptocurrency – The way?

Dreaming of 100 BTC at USD 10? If it ever gets there again, will you buy a 100 of those? This is a question only every individual can answer on their own. To put things to perspective, d not look at what others have. Instead, look at your own portfolio and see what make sense of it. What does it serve and what is your target?

There are plenty of blogs out there who have different styles and objective. Their aim is not yours. We are all unique in nature. Learning to cope with drawdowns are key to the investment journey. Don’t panic, keep calm and keep buying. Just continue to do what you are doing consistently, results will show for itself when the time comes.


This is not a sponsored post. This is purely my own opinion. If you like what you are seeing, do remember to check they out and do your diligence. There is no one size fits all investment strategy.

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The pictures were taken from relevant website for this article. Stay Safe!

Stash Away (Sep & Oct 2020)

I’ve not been diligent in posting my performance that i invest into Stash Away. It has been positive so far (the experience) and I’ll say it is on par with what Endowus is providing. In my own words, I’ll say that they complement each other and offer different perspective. I do trust and believe their views on certain aspects of investing and hence, SA shall be the second robo advisor that I will build a long term goal with over time.

I have since adjusted the risk index to below 20% as I felt that there isn’t a need to go all out Risk On. Having calculated risk per $ makes more sense in my opinion as news and information goes on a random rampage. Most importantly, I am invested – So if Mr Market decides to go up that is fine too. If Mr Market decides to go down, then it will be time to put more funds in. After all, it is a long game.

Retirement Portfolio A (risk-14%)

The SRS account since deposit is currently at +2.46% as on 5 Nov 2020. It’s one of those that I went in February 2020 before the crash came in March 2020. Nonetheless, I believe in the long term strategy that S&P 500 or index generally rises over the longer term so I have a super long horizon on this. I haven’t decide if I should fund more SRS monies into SA or Endowus. We shall see how things turn out.

Education Portfolio B (risk-16%)

This is something I set on a 15-18 year horizon. It is at +5.06% as at 5 Nov 2020 and I think that is a good return in my view. I have been averaging in whenever there are market dips. The risk index is at 16% and I will adjust from time to time as I do believer that by doing so, you sell some assets while buying into a new asset class based on the risk you set so in a certain sense, I can take profit while increasing or reducing my risk. Try not to touch any of those if you don’t quite understand how that works. There is some level of punting involved.

Education Portfolio C (risk-20%)

This portfolio has a shorter horizon of 12-15 years so I feel that I need to take on some risk to achieve my goals. This SA risk index is currently at 20% and will take on to be one of my riskiest portfolio. More funds will be added over time to achieve my targeted invested goals.


So far StashAway has not failed me in a sense that it fits in to my investing style and logic. I wish to put more into the accounts but I cant bring myself to invest when prices are going higher and higher. Instead, when things come down I find it easier to put money in.

To sign up or try out Stash Away, visit the website and use my referral code at Stash Away Referral

We’ll both get up to $10,000 SGD managed for free for 6 months which is a good deal.


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The pictures were taken from the Stash Away website for this article.