1 free APPLE and NIO Stock for Moomoo users (One up for new sign ups)

I’m just going to bring this Moomoo brokerage app up again on my blog because the promotion is too good now to be true. I’m not sure how fast this will run out but giving a new user 1 free APPLE stock and 1 free NIO stock is unheard of. There is just too good to not get this up now.

Let’s do the Math: USD 146 + USD 46 = almost USD 200

That’s just free money so let’s not waste any time.

To be honest, I am a little cheesed off that I signed up earlier as it feels like I got penalised for being faster and earlier on this.

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Who is Moomoo?

Who is Moomoo? Moomoo are a nasdaq listed company known at FUTU Holdings Limited. FUTU SG is a subsidiary of their parent company. Moomoo/Futu is also backed by Tencent and for those who don’t know who they are, they are a China based global gaming, superapp, entertainment, internet giant, etc. If you did not know, they do not charge commissions for stock trading for US, SGD and HK markets. They also do not charge a custodian fee. I am guessing that volume plays a big part in this whole scheme of things.


Let’s just sum up what you will be getting first:

a. 1 AAPL Share

b. 1 NIO Share

c. Up to 20 Free TWTR shares

d. Unlimited Commission-free Trading for US, HK and SG Market, however you continue to pay the other fees such as trading, platform fees, etc.

d. Free Level 2 Market Data for US stocks

e. Free SGX securities Level 1 real-time data

f. SGD 50 Cash Coupon for stock transfer in.

Conditions to get your promotions (No free lunch)

Now, nothing comes free so these are required but do check the T&Cs officially to avoid any disappointment. These days, there are so much information flow that most of us can’t keep up.

a. You need to be a NEW Customer and be in Singapore to get this offer (You have to be above 18 years of age and have a valid bank account in your own name) – [For KYC purpose obviously]

b. Commission free trades does not apple for stock options, futures and China A shares. The promotion commission-free promotion is only valid for 180 days.

c. You can only transfer in shares that are for US and HK positions and you will get that S$50 cash coupon for the first transfer in.

d. In order to obtain your referral rewards, you will need to do some work. Referral rewards will be capped at a maximum of 20 Twitter Shares and 600 days of commission-free trading. So, get those referral coming.

e. To get your 1 free APPL share, you need to deposit funds worth S$2700 or USD 2000 or HKD16,00 within 30 days from account opening + Open an account by 2 Aug 2021.

f. As for your  1 free NIO share, you will need to unlock Level 1 trading bade or complete 5 successful trades within 30 days of account opening + deposit funds worth S$2700 or USD 2000 or HKD16,00 within 30 days from account opening.

Read more about their T&Cs here: https://support.futusg.com/en-us/topic128

Read about the Fees you need to pay: https://support.futusg.com/en-us/topic76

I personally think that it is a no brainer to get the perks. Thank you in advance for using my referral code: https://j.moomoo.com/004Fsa

For reference, please refer to the official website or contact their representatives.


This is not a sponsored post. This is purely my own opinion after using their service and/or products. If you like what you are seeing, do remember to check they out and do your diligence. There is no one size fits all investment strategy.

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The pictures and information that I am using are taken from Futu’s/Moomoo’s website for the purpose of this blog post.