Free Entry to Sentosa & Tokens (NDP Special)

We are definitely not going anywhere to travel for a prolonged period at this point in time. I would not advise anyone to as well so we probably have to Rediscover Singapore as what our Deputy PM and Finance Minister said. To a certain extent, I kind of like that idea. Singapore is small but there are stuff you can really explore. To put things to perspective, If you have an overseas friend who asks you what can they do when they come over to Singapore. (Zoo? Safari? Flyer?) I think we have more interesting stuff to do other than those.


Speaking of which, Sentosa has been trying to complete a face lift since like aeons ago and they are introducing free entry to the island.

Free NDP Tokens

You can register for the free tokens at as long as you are a local or resident in Singapore. Every registered household can only redeem two Sentosa Fun Passes. (loaded with 10 tokens) That is not too bad for a family day out.

Once you have successfully registered for the free tokens, a registration confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. Redemption can be done at Sentosa Ticketing Counters which you have to indicate when you register online.

Things to bring

It is a little troublesome but you need to select a date when you would like to go Sentosa but at the same time, you can edit/cancel the date. You also need to redeem from a member of the household – with proof of residency. So, do bring along the original form of identification and confirmation email for verification.


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The pictures were taken from Sentosa website for this article.