Promising deal from Webull

It’s been almost nine months since my last post. I am distracted a little in my new job..I’ll say that it is a job, not a career, running almost one year into this new role. I must say that I have not gotten any positives out of this but it is probably a good transition. That brings me back to my goals once more. That is to invest and build more passive income. The basics of passive income seem like that is the way to do things and remember that it is never too late to start anything.

There are two items here to take note of:

  1. There’s a time factor now for anyone who is not a WeBull customer. The promotion campaign is ongoing and running until the end of October 2023. Click here to sign up Webull sign-up link
  2. There is something that is running similar to a Cash Fund promotion which doles out extra money.

Benefits of signing up

  • You just need to open an account with Webull, and fund any amount (no minimum) – The mechanics is that you get 3 free shares.
  • Click here to sign up Webull sign-up link
  • Next, maintain the amount for another 30 days and you get another 3 free shares. That makes it a minimal USD60 for this effort. The risk Reward on this is a 5-star so it is a must-do.

That’s how easy that is. Good Luck!

Remember to read the T&Cs Webull sign-up link

1a. Fund any amount +3 free shares TSLA US$10 each
AAPL US$50 each
AMZN US$100 each
GOOG US$500 each
2 Maintain funds for at least 30 days +3 more free shares
3. Click here to sign up Webull sign-up link


It is really a no-brainer to get free cash. You can also explore another app to see if it does fit with you. Never say never because if you do not try it. You will not know.

Click here to sign up Webull sign-up link

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