Endowus – Performance Sep & Oct 2020

I should actually do this regularly on the monthly updates to reflect how effective this portfolio can be. I missed one month of record in Sep 2020 and hence this jumped forward to the Oct 2020 portfolio.

As you can see, the last period of Oct has been a pretty volatile US market which makes diversification much more important. I am beginning to see the benefits of using Endowus as it is a systematic approach. When i initially signed up for this in May 2020, I wanted to see how the CPF portfolio and SRS/Cash portfolio performs. Truth behold, there wasn’t any worries about market dropping off and if I should sell any tickers.

SRS Portfolio

This is definitely up my alley in terms of overall portfolio management as well as long term Core portfolio. Without more talk, let’s take a look at both portfolio. This is the SRS/Cash portfolio which consists of my favourite Dimension Funds in a 40% bonds/60% equity. Overall from May 2020 to 5 Nov 2020, it is a 6.86% increase in absolute terms.


CPF Portfolio

For the CPF portfolio, it does not come with the Dimension Funds due to the restrictive nature in what you can invest in but I think this is excellent performance compared with the 2.5% in CPF.

Just simply, 6.66% in absolute returns ever since investments were made in May 2020.

Frankly, initially when I got to know about Endowus it felt like oh gosh another robo-advisor but when I started to listen and understand what they are trying to do, I am beginning to trust that what they are doing is for the good of the community and retail investors. Their fees are arguably one of the lowest in terms of value from the way i see see.

Recently they came up with a SmartFund DIY portfolio which looks really interesting. I would definitely be looking this up when there is a market pullback.

A quick review again:

  • Endowus is the first and only robo-advisor to be approved by the CPF board to use your CPF OA excess funds to invest.
  • 100% trailer fees back to the consumer.
  • Over the months, investment content and market overview has been valuable.


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These pictures were taken off Endowus website for reference.