AutoWealth Performance – March 2021

Here we go for March 2021 performance for another Robo Advisor. Different robo advisor really does things differently. They concept, the drive and the unique selling point are all different. Some just have more marketing power than others while some just like to lay low. It is a little like a new acquaintance to a friend and eventually to a close friend. Wondering if you made the right choice? I guess only time will tell.

Why Autowealth?

Every month, I’ll just to just remind myself why was I a friend of Autowealth. My two reasons for doing so is really just (a) try out one more robo advisor/segregate a portfolio to find out how they invest and what their model is and (b) Diversify my investment assets through different companies.

Against all odds, the costs of robo have set a bar in the local scene that they are one of the lowest cost solutions to build a portfolio. These options used to be only available to people who have access to unique solutions like private banks or high networth individuals. Then again, the manager takes a big cut from their investments by taking risks.

As Usual, overall market goes through peaks and troughs. Every time it drops, just pick some up and let the robots do the work on balancing and re-balancing. As long as fees remains low, the portfolio will grow over time and over a longer period. It should remain in the black based on some back testing. I like it that they have already breakeven into their third year so something is working right for them.

So far, no change in asset allocation. I think I have been rebalanced two times now. It’s a little like locking in gains due to the rising market.


Performance – Mar 2021

Looking at the portfolio, the last few months have been stagnant and I still feel that it will continue to do so through 2021. My investment horizon would be estimated to be 15-20 years. This is a portfolio which is set at roughly 40% equities and 60% bonds. The investment vehicles will be through ETFs. It does look like it can withstand long term peaks and troughs. What i really like is that i can switch between the SGD and USD currency performance portfolio as well as the impact on USD SGD forex on performance. USD has been steadily increasing versus the SGD.


Overall, since funding to date (in SGD currency) performance is +10.66% and I like this. (compared to Feb 2021, it is up +1.2%) The impact of USD on SGD is about -2.69% and by referencing the portfolio in USD, absolute return would be at +13.14%. No complaints thus far.


Looking into the details if I were to look at the portfolio value at $5334 (end Dec 2020) versus today at $5533. Some simple and manual YTD calculations below

YTD Performance[($5533-$5334)/$5334] x 100% = +3.73% (YTD 8 Apr 2021 and +1.4% as compared to 10 Mar 2021)


This is not a sponsored post. This is purely my own opinion after using their service and/or products. If you like what you are seeing, do remember to check they out and do your diligence. There is no one size fits all investment strategy.

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The pictures were taken from Auto Wealth website for this article. If you need a referral code, drop me a message and you can indicate my full name during registration. From there, both of us will  get $20 each to supplement the fees.

StashAway Performance – Mar 2021

I have been later for one quarter in 2021 in terms of updating. Nothing much has changes for the StashAway portfolio. Similar to Endowus, it is on auto-run and monthly additions are placed into different portfolios. I am still on the risk index of below 20%, split all the risk portion for 3 different portfolio. I still maintain that having calculated risk per $ makes more sense in my opinion. It doesn’t mean high risk high rewards although it can give you high rewards.

As I have always preached, the important thing is that I am not left on the sidelines. If Mr Market decides to go either way, it would matter that much to me in my opinion. If Mr Market drops, then I will add on more to the portfolios. That is what I believe will work for me for my traditional and rather stable investments.

Retirement Portfolio A (risk-14%)

The SRS account since deposit is currently at +2.11% as on 8 Apr 2021 (Time-weighted return). I think this is quite okay as I entered the market at a high before it dropped in March 2020. Performance wise, I think it is decent and also this is a super long term portfolio – I would say close to 25 years horizon so I’ll just leave it there to monitor on the progress. It was at around +3% in Dec 2020 but oh well. Let it be i guess.

In USD performance, that’s about 5% (Time-weighted return). That’s expected.


Education Portfolio B (risk-16%)

This portfolio is set out to be on a 15-18 year investment horizon. It is at 7.63% on 8 Apr 2021 and I think that this is pretty good. It’s the same as the last time i measured during Dec 2020. I have been averaging in whenever there are market dips. The risk index is at 16% and I will adjust those risk levels as and when I feel that there is a risk on or off.

In USD, I’m looking at double digits 11.75% (Time-weighted returns)

Education Portfolio C (risk-20%)

For this portfolio, I look at this at shorter horizon of 12-15 years so I feel that I need to take on some risk to achieve my goals. This SA risk index is currently at 20% and will take on to be one of my riskiest portfolio. Return is at 14.42% (Time-weighted return) at inception as at 8 Apr 2021 Not much of it has changed or rather it has dropped slightly but this is just a note to self and measure the monthly performance. Over time, more funds will be added to achieve the targeted invested goals.

In USD terms, we are looking at 18.81% (Time-weighted return). Looking great I feel.


So far StashAway has been a great supplement as a robo advisor. I will try to do more regular updates as a reminder to self. After using a few robo-advisors, I find that SA will play second fiddle to my Endowus Portfolio. The year of 2021 should be a test of time for most portfolios. I still believe that rebalancing regularly will be the key.

StashAway does have their own advantages. They do hedge their portfolios against huge crashes and take a stand on some positions which I do like because a lot asset managers don’t and even though they talk big about macro. I can’t see those actions being translated into customer’s returns.

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We’ll both get up to $10,000 SGD managed for free for 6 months which is a good deal.


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The pictures were taken from the Stash Away website for this article.

Code of Conduct for Pedestrians

Earlier something nearing the end of July 2020, LTA (Land Transport Authority of Singapore) announced that there is a code of conduct for pedestrians. Hmm…okay….Initially, I was kind of like – Do we really need something like that. As a human, common sense will prevail. You know, e-scooters, mobility devices and all things including cars and bicycle are at fault all the time.

Annoyingly and also partially true, pedestrians do cause some of these issues similar to what these personal mobility devices does. So, eventually I read and I came to terms with the new code of conduct (It is not a rule or regulation) but a recommended code. So fair enough, if you have one for everyone sharing the footpath, there need to be one for the pedestrians.

Sharing FootPath Sensibly

But truth be told, when there wasn’t such devices available back then. All humans walked on pavements and not watching a show/movie on their devices. Frankly, it is annoying – How are people watching shows while walking on the pavements and crossing the road. It is akin to someone who lights up and walks in front of you. There is just no regards for anyone around you. Since I was young, I was often told to be alert when walking and when I was really young, I had to be yanked back from a traffic light pedestrian crossing by my aunt because a car wanted to beat the red lights.

The smart phone is and will be the greatest invention in the history of mankind. The way you can use a handheld computer in the form of a mobile is just pure genius but that in the same sense has made life and our lifestyle extremely different. Sure enough, it makes it better to avoid awkward silence when you see someone you don’t really know very well in a public space. To a certain extent, I’m sure we are all guilty of using the phone as an excuse not to see someone on the streets.

But the real issue here is that people stop talking to each other. People stop doing stuffs that communicate with one another (like looking into the faces and chatting meaningfully) Tech and gaming companies are going to grow even bigger. The Chinese Tech firms are just bringing that addiction to the next level. I can’t really say that it is a bad thing.

People actually like certain genre of stuffs (Facebook, Snapchat, Tiktok, Instagram and plenty more), it even create a different industry of jobs/entrepreneurship) – so it isn’t a bad thing but eventually anything excessive is. Even work counts – I would say.


In Summary the pedestrian code of conduct and simply put:

a. Use the footpath and pedestrian crossing whenever possible.

b. Pedestrian to keep left at all times. That is fair, we are a right-hand drive.

c. Stay alert and avoid operating mobile communications and/or other functions (Listening to music) in a way that preventive of dangers that may creep up to you or in front of you.

Click here to read the actual code of conduct: (

Will anyone read it? Yes. Will many read it? No. Will anyone obey it? Probably, after many years. Nothing will change habits and these are too harsh to be implemented as rules. The Pioneer and Merdeka generation wouldn’t really give a damned though. Mobile phone usage has become more widespread and the result from distracted walking will eventually be accidents occurring more frequently.

The whole idea is to continue to engage and educate the public on how all can play a part in building “a safer and more responsible path-sharing environment”, hopefully people become more gracious over time.


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The pictures were taken from LTA website for this article.