GIGA – Even more bang for your buck (Up-sized Data for the same plan)

So, I received an email from GIGA (a subsidiary of Starhub) on updates on the data plans. I was previously on their pop up plan of S$18 monthly for 20GB of data and 200 minutes of talk time and 200 free SMSes. The best is that I do not need to do anything and 40GB will be shown on my next renewal date for the same price. It is not a temporary but a permanent change. Thumbs up for that GIGA.

With random outages from broadband throughout the country despite telcos being KPI-ed from keeping their lines up. At times, such disruptions can bring inconvenience or affect business deals. With more data, it give more assurance and back-ups should anything go wrong.

In my previous post about GIGA, the two main points is really what I like:

1. No contract means, flexibility and freedom to cancel the contract anytime.

2. Signup is digital only – meaning you can only sign up online and use an app to access your account as well as setup your payments. They accept most major credit cards and changing them us just through a click.

I still find their branding and customer approach more appealing than Singtel and M1 and hence will still stick with them.

You would need to pay a small registration fee and arrange for the SIM card to be delivered to your preferred location. However, you can use a referral code to supplement the discount. You will get a discount if you use my referral code – “LhS9Ng”. The referral credit is only valid for any plans except the basic $10 GIGA plans.

You can visit their website to find out more:

Disclaimer: These are just solely opinions of mine. Different people have different needs and requirements. You can also use Seedly to compare on the different type of plans.

Picture images are taken from the respective websites for reference only.

NDP 2020 Promotion: 1 Year Free Membership for Gallery Insider

There is an ongoing promotion for National Day 2020 – That is a 1-Year complimentary membership for Gallery Insider. It is really good to see companies doing their part to make art and increase activities locally.

Reading directly from the website at, it says that Gallery Insider is an annual membership programme. Insiders get unlimited access to their dynamic line-up of exhibitions, as well as privileges and discounts for selected programmes, unique museum merchandise and the Gallery’s culinary offerings. Sounds not too bad to explore such options now that travelling is pretty much out of the way for an extended period of time. It’s not all doom and gloom. There are other things to do and appreciate our own Country.

Click here at to get your FREE 1 Year Gallery Insider membership, which is claimed to be worth up to $120 in value from unlimited and priority access to all exhibitions. Also, there is a bonus perk of up to 15% discounts on dining and shopping. Not too bad I guess.

This Free perk will end on 31 October 2020 and I am guessing while stocks last? Sign up asap! Don’t forget you need to be there physically to activate your membership before October end.

However do note that this is for Singaporeans and Singapore PRs. Time to explore Singapore. It is not a sponsored post but I find this a great initiative and also a good way to find out more about Singapore.

(Image from National gallery website)

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