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Welcome to Journey with money, Journey with life.

It is important that we should indulge in mental wellness and be a happy person. Don’t penny pinch and see the bigger things in life. The Journey is long for whatever we choose to take on so see it as bright spots and experiences that gives insights and knowledge. It is also imperative that we look and move forward. Do not look back.

Money is Indeed Everything

Advertisements Indeed in our world today, in this small island of affluent rich Singaporeans. Money is everything. It puts not just food in your mouth but also entertainment all day, all night long. What would you do without money? Cryptocurrency has taken a big fall along with traditional investments and the biggest news in town …

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Ezlink with new Mastercard wallet payment options (Quick & Easy S$10)

Advertisements In my previous post about Ez-link Trival here Ez-link deal , they have upped one more level by allowing Mastercard in their Ez-link payment option. The Deal You can now earn an easy S$10 just by logging into their app, there will be an option to use Mastercard to pay for items via Google …

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StashAway Performance – Mar 2022 Performance

Advertisements Here goes for the March 2022 StashAway performance. Nothing much to shout about. StashAway has been rather stagnant but considering the environment, I think it is holding out well. I continue to question of this robotic/AI system if it is more human driven. Shouldn’t it be systematic driven for a robo advisor instead of …

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Ez-Link deals and promotions

Advertisements You are probably no stranger to Ezlink. Recently, they have been trying to revive hard on their app and card usage and introduced a number of gamification tools on their app. But their marketing is way too quiet, probably because the rewards aren’t that enticing. Nonetheless, it is worth the effort if you have …

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