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Welcome to Journey with money, Journey with life.

It is important that we should indulge in mental wellness and be a happy person. Don’t penny pinch and see the bigger things in life. The Journey is long for whatever we choose to take on so see it as bright spots and experiences that gives insights and knowledge. It is also imperative that we look and move forward. Do not look back.

Endowus Performance Review – Nov 2022

After a short break and some self-sustained recovery, I think it is time to get back to updating the portfolios. During this period when I was down, I was not really monitoring the markets. In fact, I set my RSP up over these 8 – 9  months that I was missing in action. Partly, it …

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Life and Travelling

Now that we are all living with the pandemic aka living with covid, travelling is on the cards for many people and there’s pent-up demand. For a moment, while I was searching for travel next year, everything settled down and the restrictions for other countries started to ease. It became quite an overload of information. …

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Talk is cheap

You know I dont really like to get into a blogpost that starts with something pretty negative but I realised that talk is cheap. I have seen too many if it happening in my lifetime and this trend doesn’t seem to end. As a fresh out of school graduate, I have my own visions and …

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Managing Yourself

Life is very different for everyone. Every nook and cranny is different for each one of us. Eventually, that moulded all of us very differently. (i.e. How do we react to certain situations? How we seemingly lose common sense at certain things. With those things in mind, we can then empathise with others in their …

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