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Welcome to Journey with money, Journey with life.

It is important that we should indulge in mental wellness and be a happy person. Don’t penny pinch and see the bigger things in life. The Journey is long for whatever we choose to take on so see it as bright spots and experiences that gives insights and knowledge. It is also imperative that we look and move forward. Do not look back.

Futu Brokerage – MooMoo Singapore Promotions

Advertisements Here comes another brokerage in Singapore – Futu Holdings and under the Singapore name “MooMoo”? Sounds kind of fishy but legit. From their website: Their investors include Tencent Holdings, Matrix Partners and Sequoia Capital. Sounds decent to me. Futu Holdings Limited (“Futu”) (NASDAQ: FUTU)is an advanced technology company transforming the investing experience by offering …

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AutoWealth – Performance Update & YTD (February 2021)

Advertisements AutoWealth is my long-term portfolio approach. For my child’s portfolio, this is to  add on over time and have a good 20 years horizon. My only gripe is that I cant measure YTD performance. Of course, there is no reason to do that expect for measurement purposes. A time weighted performance is more of …

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Endowus – Performance Update & YTD (February 2021)

Advertisements So I have been busy recently so I missed January 2021 performance update. There are just so many things to keep up with and with the pandemic still ongoing. There are just simply too many changes. At the same time working from home seems rather mundane these days. Humans as social creatures and so …

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A New Chinese New Year

Advertisements A New CNY A year has passed and the fight with Covid-19 is still ongoing today. The biggest festive of the year is coming in February 2021 – The Chinese Lunar New Year. How great things are going to be for the upcoming event. With a max of 8 pax per household, things will …

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