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Burgers are stacked layers of goodness. and I just love to eat burgers – Stacking burgers takes time and that is very similar in terms of building wealth. The better the quality, the better the taste. Over time, you will understand what is the meaning of quality ingredients. This forms the core part of the portfolio.

The condiments and sauces, supplement the taste of the burger and it should so the same in the form of a satellite portfolio.

However, the higher you stack your burger, the more unstable it becomes so you need to balance out to make the ultimate burger stack.


They say millennia look at life differently but I don’t think so. I have been working for some time now and gained enough experience in certain industries to understand how certain things work. Many times, it is about sucking up to the bosses which I really dislike. Because of that, I went on to do something else and in the process actually found a job that I really love.

Not only do I love my job, I am extremely passionate when it comes to personal finance. I will probably never get sick of discussion about finance / investing related matters. In a way, I have become a geek in that way. However, there are really too much information out there so you really need to curate stuff.

Through finance, I find that money is indeed a great tool to provide for things/stuff whatever you call it but the main purpose I do this is really to get out of this rat-race we unknowingly fall into.

With money, that will allow me more time to value the other things I treasure the most and things that I cannot buy. Always value the other things in life that cannot be determined with a monetary value. That will ensure that one stays Happy.

Hence, I started this blog – lifejourney. I do hope that what I am doing is of interest and I’ll be able to share deals from time to time. I am a proud Singaporean so I definitely smell it when there is a great “lobang”. Stay Safe. Stay Happy.

Partnerships and Collaborations

For more details and discussion about any working relationships or collaboration. Please feel free to drop me a note at the contact section. No business is too small and no ideas are stupid. It all starts with a discussion – there is no hard feelings. Buzz me anytime.