Missing in Action

So, I was missing in action for a few months because of a new job. But this new job takes a toll on me, on my life, my mental state of health and takes away everything that I liked. It just means that, I stopped liking or wanting to do anything at all because of the job. After 2 months, I can’t help but just say that I really hated my job. As much as I hated it, it brought me a humble experience. I realise how much I did not know and understand about things. It also taught me to think thrice about doing something that I’m not very well versed.

At the end of the day, I attributed it to a lack of communication and a vary of too versatile flow of the business. In summary, anything and everything can happen under the sun. There’s only 24 hours to a day, 5 hours of sleep, 3 hours of family (If lucky) and the rest of the 16 hours is just slogging and slogging of work. Working for what? What are we working for? I still could not find the answer.

Maybe I’m just not smart enough, quick enough or maybe I am just not suitable. I spent many days of reflection until my own confidence took a hit. That was tragic, I knew that once it hit me there I’m going to crumble and will take some time to recover from this.

My solution was to resign without a job because I am unable to perform to the best of what I feel I can do. This would only bring me more sunken and depressed feeling. I still have some time left with the company. I can’t say much except that it is best for us to part early. For my own mental wellness and for their own good. After all, no one is indispensable.

Looking forward to the day I can make further blog updates and think about what is next.