Moomoo Quiz and Cash Rewards

Once you are a Moomoo customers, there is a knowledge based quiz that you can enter every day. A total of 3 attempts a day and it says that you may win up to S$1,888. I’ve been attempting all week and could get S$0.18. There was a day when I got S$0.28

Sample quiz questions and answers

Below are some of those I got and from online sources. Wish you all luck in your quest:

Qn: Are you able to trade REITs on moomoo?
Ans: Yes

Qn: Can you receive dividends on moomoo?
Ans: Yes

Qn: Does FUTU SG charge for any inactivity or custodian fees?
Ans: No

Qn: Is currency exchange available on moomoo?
Ans: Yes

Qn: Is Moomoo’s in-app customer service available 24/7?
Ans: Yes

Qn: Level ___ market data for US market is provided free by FUTU SG.
Ans: Level 2

Qn: What feature can you use to view activities of Pre/Post-Market trading hours?
Ans: Pre/Post-Market

Qn: Where can you redeem your points for rewards on moomoo?
Ans: Rewards Club

Qn: Which of the following can you trade on moomoo?
Ans: Stocks, Futures, Options, ETFs, China A-Shares

Qn: Which of the following is NOT a daily task in the Task Center?
Ans: Change username

Qn: Which level of the free market data is provided for the SG market?
Ans: Level 1

Qn: Which stock markets can you trade in on moomoo?
Ans: US, SG, HK and China A-Shares

Qn: Which tab do you select to view your available Coupons?
Ans: Me

General Investing Questions:

Qn: A basket of securities that tracks an underlying index is called ETF.
Ans: True

Qn: A margin account allows you to buy stocks with borrowed funds using your cash or shares as collateral
Ans: True

Qn: A margin account is?
Ans: An account that allows stock buying using borrowed funds.

Qn: A stock is?
Ans: Fractional ownership of a corporation.

Qn: A part of a business that is bought and sold on the stock market is called?
Ans: Stock

Qn: An index fund is?
Ans: A fund that tracks components of a financial market index.

Qn: Free market level data provides information on the?
Ans: Bid and Ask spread.

Qn: IPO refers to a company offering its stock for sale to the public for the first time.
Ans: True

Qn: Market Cap in financial terms stands for?
Ans: Total market value of a company’s outstanding shares.

Qn: Select the option which is a US stock exchange.
Ans: NASDAQ (other options: SGX, HSI)

Qn: Short selling happens when an investor borrows a stock to sell then buy it back later.
Ans: True

Qn: The US Securities in your FUTU SG account is protected up to USD _ by SIPC.
Ans: USD 500,000

Qn: What does ETF stand for?
Ans: Exchange-Traded Funds

Qn: What does Market Cap stand?
Ans: Total market value of a company’s outstanding shares.

Qn: What does REITs stand for?
Ans: Real Estate Investment Trusts

Qn: When an investor borrows a stock to sell and buy it back later, this action is called short selling.
Ans: True

Qn: Which of the following is true about a margin account?
Ans: All of them.

Qn: Which of these is a good example of diversification?
Ans: Investing in different types of securities and markets.

Futu Holdings as a Company:

Qn: Futu Holdings Limited is strategically backed by which company?
Ans: Tencent Holdings

Qn: FUTU SG is a subsidiary of Futu Holdings Limited that is listed on ______?

Qn: How many users does FUTU have worldwide?
Ans: 15,000,000

Qn: Which credit rating grade did FUTU receive from S&P Global?
Ans: BBB-

Qn: Which of the following funds hold a position with FUTU?
Ans: All of the above

Qn: Which stock exchange is Futu Holdings Limited listed on?

Have fun!

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