Endowus Performance – April 2021 + New Fund Smart Portfolio

Equities have retraced and between Tech and Cyclical equities, it seems to sway from side to side – With Tech equities taking a big hit currently. There isn’t seem to be any clear signs for any particular trend. It just seems tough out there for the hottest equity star in 2020

I’ve been talking about Endowus for a while now. I feel that their corporate story sells to me. I would actually recommend them to anyone I know to be honest and I know that my investments will be safe with them.  To me, it is always a plus point when the founders want to keep their company stock value because they see value in their own company. There are people who are passionate about building a business.

I feel that at least they are genuine and passionate about their work coming from big financial names. I came from finance with a little experience from work and I never liked the way bank works with revenue and hard selling. Having a charismatic leader doesn’t mean that they can play with their words and make glory with their decision making. However, who am I to say that. I just feel that the culture is toxic and it doesn’t mean that they don’t acknowledge it. The money is just too good for them to walk away.

ESG Portfolio

I started this last month and I do know that ESG have performed relatively well in the European zone for the longest time possible. This segment would serve me well for a long term portfolio because I do see the value in investing in sustainable companies an practices. After all, we are saving this earth for our next generation – a little step goes a long way.


This is at +4.80% since inception some time in Mid March 2021. I like what I am seeing. Of course this is a 80%/20% Equity/Bond portfolio allocation so there will be more movement on the equity side. This is long term so, just leave it in there. I like it even better now. You do good and it brings you sustainable returns.

SRS Portfolio

Overall, portfolio is up +20.85% since May 2020 in SGD. As usual, in USD terms, due to no FX impact as the portfolio is USD ETFs, the performance will definitely be better especially when USD becomes stronger. Of course, the reference will be SGD since I use SGD. This is the SRS/Cash portfolio which consists of my favourite Dimension Funds in a 40% bonds/60% equity. Overall from May 2020 to 5 Apr 2021, it is a +20.85% increase in absolute terms – Fantastic. For YTD performance, the fund was stable and at + 7.31% for 2021. Sweet. Long term guys, long term view.


CPF Portfolio

For the CPF portfolio, it is looking at +13.07% since inception in May 2020.


In Terms of YTD returns in 2021, I’m looking at +2.54%. This is quite expected so not much of a surprise. I have no requirement to login daily to view my portfolio performance. Just a monthly review will be sufficient.


Similar to the previous months, cash management accounts have started to report a decline. This is also expected since LOW interest rate environment is here to stay for the long term.

Fund Smart Portfolio

Finally, I setup my Fund Smart portfolio this month in May 2021. I tried to build a balance portfolio. I’m not exactly sure but I will go in via RSP monthly as I wasn’t sure but I do want to deploy some of my cash because It has been lingering around for 6 months already.

Overall: 52% Equity and 48% Fixed Income

a. 15% in Multi Asset Fund (1 Fund)

b. 45% in Equity Funds (2 Funds)

i. Focus into China Play [10%]

ii. Global equity with dividend accumulation (Re-invest) [20%]

iii. Small Cap equity play (For the Alpha) [15%]

c. 40% in Bond Funds (3 Funds)

i. Climate Bond Fund Play [20%]

ii. Core Fixed Income Play [20%]

The reason for Endowus

Like a broken recorder, the pros once more:

  • Endowus is the first and only robo-advisor to be approved by the CPF board.
  • 100% trailer fees back to the consumer, not the fund management fee. This is really one of a kind I’ve seen so far.
  • They do have a decent team who makes sense when introducing their platform in my personal opinion.
  • I believe all retail investor should try them out because of how they are trying to disrupt investing and make investing work for everyone.

Thank you all in advance for using my referral code.

Last point is to do your own diligence. What works for me may not work for you. Investing in traditional portfolios is about risk management, it isn’t Cryptocurrency. Super high risk = Potentially Super high returns. Fair enough in economic terms. Just remember that = Potentially Super high decrease in portfolio as well.

I’m not ruling cryptocurrency as an asset class here because I do trade this asset class as well. What I do see is that they will be a disrupter in traditional currency in the future. What I am saying is traditional investments brings stable, slow and disciplined returns. I do have a portion of my funds in cryptocurrency and the latest trend of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). I deal with these two investments separately and realistically.


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These pictures were taken off Endowus website for reference.