Endowus – Performance Nov 2020

It is the time of the month again. I must say I have been really satisfied with the way it Endowus has been working out well for me thus far.

November has been a quiet month. The portfolio makes diversification much more important. As I have always said, being systematic about investing is quite important. Month on month and it still fulfills what I am seeing so far. This is going to be one of my core robo-advisors that I would like to be on for the long term.

SRS Portfolio

Overall, portfolio is up 4-5% month on month in terms of SGD. In USD terms, due to no FX impact as the portfolio is USD ETFs, the performance will definitely be better. We are spending Singapore dollars so this is our reference currency. This is the SRS/Cash portfolio which consists of my favourite Dimension Funds in a 40% bonds/60% equity. Overall from May 2020 to 11 Dec 2020, it is a 11.30% increase in absolute terms.


CPF Portfolio

For the CPF portfolio, it does not come with the Dimension Funds due to the restrictive nature in what you can invest in but I think this is excellent performance compared with the 2.5% in CPF.

Month comparison from Oct to 11 Dec 2020, that is 9.32% in absolute returns ever since investments were made in May 2020. and comparing the previous month, that is estimated to be around 3% higher.

This is very good in my own opinion that I have not been doing anything to this portfolio.

Recently they came up with a SmartFund DIY portfolio which looks really interesting. I would definitely be looking this up when there is a market pullback like i mentioned last month.

A quick review once more:

  • Endowus is the first and only robo-advisor to be approved by the CPF board to use your CPF OA excess funds to invest.
  • 100% trailer fees back to the consumer, not the fund management fee.
  • Content and education still remains relevant at least in my opinion.
  • At least they are one of the robo I trust that wants to help retail investors.

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These pictures were taken off Endowus website for reference.

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